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The future of the entertainment industry is digital media. The future is here.  WCSL Live Event Streaming Solutions.




Welcome to WCSL LIVE.  Just one of the many WCSL streaming channels on the web.  Here you can see what's happening from time to time behind the scenes of a production company and view exclusive FREE VIEW Live events and concerts.  Check the schedule below for upcoming broadcast dates and times.  Clicking the channel logo will take you to the events broadcast channel. Clicking on the events name will launch addition information about the event when available. Hint: You may watch a WCSL-LIVE event on the embedded viewer above, or click on its channel logo to go to the event page so you can join in and see others chat.  Events in red are past events and clicking on the show title may take you to a YouTube video from the past event when available, but in the case of Pay per views, may still be able to be purchased and watched.  The newest events to be added will appear at the top of the list, NOT in order of date.


Channel Event Date Time Type
Hari Kari
Watch Hari Kari film a new LIVE YouTube video on our set!
Tempest LIVE  3.10.12  10:00PM EST
7:00PM PST
We're sorry, this show has been postponed. Stay tuned to this page to find out when Tempest will be back.
Six Ways To Sunday
Global Worship LIVE
Worship Concert Event
12.14.11 10:00PM EST
7:00PM PST
Live Concert Event
12.16.11 10:00PM EST
7:00PM PST
Live New Years Eve
12.31.11 9:00PM EST
6:00PM PST
(Watch the video on demand)


Are you a promoter or group interested in streaming?  Learn more here.  Listen to the WCSL podcast that explains the concept by clicking here.

Are you a corporation, individual, business, or organization interested in sponsoring events? Click here.


WCSL Streaming FAQ

Q: Where do I go to see a WCSL show?
A: If the show is broadcast on the WCSL-LIVE channel, you can see it right here!  You can also click on any channel logo above to see events on those channels.

Q: How much do shows cost?
A: Many events are free.  Some events are Pay Per View.  Pay per View events typically range from $1 to $20.

Q: I missed a pay per view event! Can I still see it?
A: Often times yes, go to the events channel and see if it is archived.

Q: Do you archive non-pay per view events?
A: No, but often you can find them in part on youTube.

Q: When I tune in to events, there's a bunch of ads
A: Yes there is. Free events are supported by ads and we have no control over the content or when they play.

Q: How do I pay for a Pay Per View event?
A: Ustream handles the payment process. It's very easy and all you need is a PayPal account. If you do not already have a PayPal account, all you need is a bank account and/or a credit card and email address to set up a PayPal account. It takes about five minutes.

Q: Can I do an event with WCSL?
A: Yes. We partner with bands, promoters, etc. You may also simply hire us for a nominal fee to stream an event such as a wedding, funeral, meeting, event, etc.

Q: How much does it cost to stream?
A: It depends on the logistics of the event.  Percentage splits also vary. Call our offices to talk about your event, we'll be happy to run the numbers with you.

Q: What do we need onsite to be able to stream a wedding, meeting, etc?
A: The only thing we need from you is a quality internet connection. Past that, WCSL provides everything else needed. That's why prices vary with amount of gear, personnel, etc.

Q: How do I know what shows are coming and when?
A: We list all our scheduled upcoming shows and events on this page.  Come back here often.  We also post live webcams from time to time on the WCSL-LIVE channel if we happen to be doing something interesting, like setting up in an arena or something.  Just so people can be a "fly on the wall" if they want to be.  These broadcasts can go on and offline at any time and are totally "unproduced".

Q: What do shows look like?
A: Produced shows are usually shot with three or more cameras and will appear as a YouTube type video on the consumers end.  You can enlarge them to full screen if you wish.

Q: Is my computer good enough to see a streaming show?
A: Any modern computer is usually fast enough to watch streaming.  The weakest link is usually your connection to the internet.  Usually if you have no problems viewing YouTube clips, you'll have little to no problem viewing streams.

Q: I saw a stream of the company setting up the show and the video and sound was poor. Will a pay per view look and sound like that?
A: No. When we "go live" while setting up a show we are usually just plugging in a $50 webcam to a portable laptop and going live.  Produced broadcast look and sound VERY different.

Q: Can my business advertise on or at  your events?
A: Yes. We have complete corporate sponsorships available for those who would like to support the arts.  Click here for details.