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WCSL is proud to offer JBL Vertec & McCauley Monarc Line Array sound systems, Midas, AVID, Behringer X32 family, Yamaha, & Soundcraft sound consoles, and dbx DriveRack & Crown DSP speaker management systems.

Our A systems are powerful state of the art JBL Vertec & McCauley Monarc Line Array sound rigs with multi way on stage monitor mix systems. We stock an ever growing amount of boxes in-house and partner with other providers to supply "as needed" systems to our clients.

These systems can be stage stacked or flown by our chain motor rigging systems.

WCSL offers a wide variety of sound reinforcement consoles to fit every taste and budget. We partner with the largest touring console supply house in the state to assure that we can supply our clients with any current modern console a rider may call for. We have a wide variety of analogue and digital consoles in-house to choose from including the X32 family compact format digitals, Midas consoles, AVID and Yamaha.


WCSL's mic assortment is second to none. We stock AKG, Shure, Shure Beta, Countryman, Sennheiser, Audix, & AT, mics. From condensers & N-Dyms to wireless handhelds, to head worn wireless systems, we have it all. Ever hire a company using cheap wireless mics that drop out or cause unwanted noise? Or in some cases, don't work at all? The answer is WCSL's fleet of Shure matching high end wireless systems featuring your choice of hand held, lapel, or headset mics. These units are simply the best with hundreds of programmable channels to choose from, compatibility is never an issue. Need 20 matching units for a musical that can be ran simultaneously? Not a problem here.

Paul, Leslie,
A belated but heartfelt "Thanks!" to you and your crew on from David, the band, and crew for all your help with our show. You were totally professional with all our requests and the day went as smooth as possible.

Great job "guys"!
Rick Semerjian
Prd Mgr
"David Sanborn Band"

WCSL fly's 56 box Monarc MLA3 system in Orical Arena