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The future of the entertainment industry is digital media. The future is here.

WCSL Podcasting Solutions


WCSL recognized early on that the production company of the future would need to be a full service company providing all aspects of production from sound & lighting, to video, backline and staging, & digital media services. Digital media services? That sounds odd to include here, isn't it? We don't believe so at WCSL. In this digital age we recognize that the old ways of label driven music and brick and mortar sales have become the dinosaurs of industry past.

The problem is that typical production companies have not kept pace with changing technologies. As a result, the technologies have outpaced the creativity of how to utilize them. Did you know that the internet overtook newspapers in 2008 as the countries leading source of news? Did you know that podcasting is the number one growing market of current media in the world today growing at a pace of 35% use and awareness each year?

The solution is WCSL podcasting services. For the first time in our industries history it is now possible to take a bands fan base "on tour" with them virtually. iTunes makes it possible for unlimited amounts of people to access a band on the road on a weekly basis for free. There is no better promotion tool for your touring artist then familiarity with your audience. There's no better way to do that than a professionally hosted and produced podcast.

From interviews and sound bytes, to sound checks and bus banter, your audience can virtually travel the globe with their favorite artist. Artists also now have the power through podcasting to post live concerts on services like iTunes and sell virtual concert performances of a nights concert. With today's technology an artist can have a show available for download to its audience literally before the door closes on the equipment truck at the end of the night for the cost of their podcaster. What does this mean for the artist and it's management?

You become the promoter
Unlimited audience potential
Zero product cost
Zero duplication cost
You are in control and retain the profits

The use of podcasting is not limited to the music industry. Any activity with a fan base or following will profit from a well designed podcasting program.


New Product Promotion
Movie Promotion


New media is the wild west of production and imagination and the creativity of your podcasting team are the only limits to what you achieve.

Why use WCSL for your podcasting future?

Vision: WCSL has embraced internet and new media technology from the beginning over 20 years ago. The fact that we've been on the web so long that are original website was able to have a four letter URL ( for the first 15 plus years speaks volumes.

Experience: WCSL has actually had it's own weekly podcast and is currently producing shows in it's fourth year with over 25,000 weekly subscribers. We know how to do this and have the downloadable track record to back it up.

Expertise: WCSL understands iTunes and the technology that goes into the back end of making this media work for it's client. a good podcaster has all the elements and technical background of a sound engineer, IT professional, photographer, web designer, and an on air personality, all rolled into one. We have a trained staff to meet these exacting needs.

The investment is minimal, the return is massive, the possibilities are unimaginable, the results are waiting. Want to know more? Call WCSL today and talk with Paul in the podcasting division to find out how the future of your business, can be had today.